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Belize - 2012

March 2012

The aims of this trip were to spend time observing and photographing wildlife, firstly reef fish around Tom Owens Island and secondly birds and plants around the Toledo Region of Belize.  As the research on the island was only during the week it was necessary to spend three weekends on the mainland.

These six cottages a short way from Punta Gorda are spaced out in a quiet piece of woodland which with the road or track outside provided good bird spotting.  I also spent some time with a local naturalist exploring some forest near to Punta Gorda. 

Belize International                              Hickatee Lodge Entrance                    Masked Tityra                                    Great-tailed Grackle

Bats                                                        Red-capped Manakin                             Magnificent Frigatebird                     Orchid Bee

Great Kiskadee                                       Yellow-bellied Elaenia                          Pale-billed Woodpecker                    Hickatee Cottages

Flower                                                     Butterfly                                                Flower                                                Brown Jay

Flower                                                     Humingbird                                           Flower                                               Orchid

First week on Tom Owens Island, Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve  March 5th to 10th

Tom Owens island is situated on the outer reef, it is a true 'castaway' coral caye island.   The island is about one acre and has a large living area with great views.

Islet                                                     Green Heron                                                                                                    Yellow-throated Warbler

Osprey                                                   Osprey                                                  Osprey                                              Blue-head Wrasse

Coral                                                     Fern Coral                                           Blue Tang                                          Foureye Butterflyfish

Fern Coral                                             Stoplight Parrotfish                                                                                       Flower

Ruddy Turnstone                                  Ruddy Turnstone                                 Ruddy Turnstone                               Ruddy Turnstone 

 Unidentified                                          Unidentified                                                                                                   Blue Tang

Middle weekend at Cotton Tree Lodge  March 10th to 13th

This lodge is nestled between unspoiled rainforest and the banks of the Moho River, it offers a tranquil retreat on 100 private acres in the undiscovered Toledo District.

Dusky-capped flycatcher                       Flower                                                Pied-billed Grebe                               Orchard Oriole  

  Rufous-tailed Humingbird                    Orchard Oriole                                Northern Waterthrush                     Baltimore Oriole

 Crimson-collared Tanager                       House Wren                                   American Pygmy Kingfisher              White-collared Seedeater

Common Yellowthroat                           Blue-gray Tanager                           Yellow Warbler                                Great Kiskadee

 Collared Aracari                                       Hooded Warbler                           Black Vulture                                        Ivory-billed  Woodcreeper       

Great Kiskadee                                         Moth                                                Great Kiskadee                                    Vaux's Swift

River Turtle                                              White-bellied Emerald                    White-bellied Emerald                        Common Yellowthroat

Second week on Tom Owens Island, Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve  March 13th to 17th

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin                  Atlantic Spotted Dolphin                 Atlantic Spotted Dolphin                        Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

Conche                                                 Unidentified                                         Spotfin Butterflyfish,                          Unidentified

Blue Tang and French Grunt                 French Grunt                                        Foureye Butterflyfish                    Spotted Trunkfish

Blue Head Wrasse                                   French Grunt                                       Fern Coral                                       Blue Tang

                                                                                                                            Green Moray                                       Brain Coral

French Grunt                                             Trumpet Fish                                      Conche Shells                               Tom Owens Island

Tom Owens Island                                      Ruddy Turnstone                                                                                      Green Moray


Crab                                                      Ruddy Turnstone                                   Ruddy Turnstone                              Crab

Crab                                                           Osprey

Final weekend spent at Hickatee Cottages  March 17th to 20th

 Pale-billed Woodpecker                       Mangrove Vireo                                   Masked Tityra                                  Masked Tityra

Olive-throated Parakeet                                                                                   Pale-vented Pigeon

Brown Jay                                                  Butterfly Farm                                Blue Morpho                                         Malachite Butterfly

 Malachite Butterfly                                  Heliconius ismenius                        Blue Morpho

Northern Waterthrush                           Little Blue Heron                            Spot-breasted Wren                          Little Blue Heron

                                                                                                                                                                                     Black-headed Trogon

Montezuma's Oropendula                       Green Iguana                                    Golden-fronted Woodpecker            Hickatee entrance