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Bhutan 2010.

For me this visit to Bhutan enabled me to see how the country had changed since my previous visit in March 2000.

The main places visited were Paro, Thimpu, Punakha, Trongsa, Bumthang and Gangtey.  The highlight for me was being able to climb up to Taktsang or Tiger's nest.  This small monastery clings to a rocky cliff 900 metres above the valley floor.  It was a hard climb but well worth it.

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Flying from Calcutta to Paro.

Bhutan-1852  Bhutan-2    Bhutan-1853

Mt Everest                                    Mt Kanchanchunga                               Himalayan Range


 Bhutan-2  Bhutan-4  Bhutan-2-2  Bhutan-3


Bhutan-7 Bhutan-11  Bhutan-6  Bhutan-8 

Paro Valley                                                                                   Museum                                         Festival ground

Bhutan-31  Bhutan-33  Bhutan-36 Bhutan-9

Paro Dzong

Bhutan-26  Bhutan-18  Bhutan-23  Bhutan-22

  Bhutan-19  Bhutan-20  Bhutan-17  Bhutan-28 

Other views in Paro

Bhutan-12  Bhutan-24  Bhutan-25  Bhutan-30

Taktsang or Tiger's nest

Bhutan-1657  Bhutan-1603  Bhutan-1610  Bhutan-1609

The start of the walk.

Bhutan-1607  Bhutan-1612  Bhutan-1623  Bhutan-1628  Bhutan-1635  Bhutan-1638

Bhutan-1613  Bhutan-1623  Bhutan-2  Bhutan-1625  Bhutan-2

Dochla Pass (3150m)

Bhutan-12  Bhutan-5  Bhutan-15  Bhutan-14

Bhutan-18  Bhutan-22  Bhutan-1658 Bhutan-12                                  Mt Chomolhari(7314m)

Lobesa Valley

Bhutan-27  Bhutan-26  Bhutan-28  Bhutan-29

Bhutan-30  Bhutan-33  Bhutan-32 

Chimi Lhakhang

Bhutan-34    Bhutan-36  Bhutan-37

  Bhutan-35            Bhutan-39


Bhutan-1661  Bhutan-1662  Bhutan-1666  Bhutan-1667 

  Bhutan-1671  Bhutan-1673  Bhutan-1674 Bhutan-1677

   Bhutan-1678  Bhutan-1668  Bhutan-1680  Bhutan-1683  Bhutan-1684

Suspension Bridge (Some of the group)

Bhutan-1691  Bhutan-1692  Bhutan-1693  Bhutan-1694  Bhutan-1695  Bhutan-1696 

Bhutan-1698  Bhutan-1699  Bhutan-1700 


Bhutan-29  Bhutan-30  Bhutan-1723  Bhutan-1715

Bhutan-1718  Bhutan-1726 - Copy - Copy  Bhutan-1732 - Copy (2)  Bhutan-1739 - Copy (2)

Jakar - Bumthang

Bhutan-1728 - Copy - Copy    Bhutan-1731 - Copy (2)  Bhutan-1740 - Copy  Bhutan-1742 - Copy

Bhutan-1743 - Copy  Bhutan-1744 - Copy  Bhutan-1753 - Copy    Bhutan-1749 - Copy

Bhutan-1760  Bhutan-1759 - Copy 

Pele La Pass

Bhutan-2  Bhutan-2-2  Bhutan-3  Bhutan-4 

Bhutan-1776     Bhutan-7   Bhutan-1788  Bhutan-8

 Bhutan-34  Bhutan-1772  Bhutan-1773  Bhutan-1774

Bhutan-1775  Bhutan-1778  Bhutan-1783  Bhutan-1781

Bhutan-1787  Bhutan-1789   


Bhutan-33 Bhutan-30  Bhutan-31  Bhutan-19 

Bhutan-24    Bhutan-28  Bhutan-32

Bhutan-20  Bhutan-1812  Bhutan-1792  Bhutan-1793

Bhutan-1795  Bhutan-1797  Bhutan-1799  Bhutan-1791

Bhutan-1819  Bhutan-1822  Bhutan-1824  Bhutan-1825 


Bhutan-1841  Bhutan-1843  Bhutan-1846  Bhutan-1845

Bhutan-13  Bhutan-1849  Bhutan-1847  Bhutan-1850



Bhutan-3  Bhutan-4  Bhutan-17  Bhutan-12

Bhutan-1723  Bhutan-1709  Bhutan-25  Bhutan-13 


Bhutan-2  Bhutan-2-2


Bhutan-7  Bhutan-10  Bhutan-13  Bhutan-17 


Bhutan-19  Bhutan-23  Bhutan-22  Bhutan-21

 Bhutan-1829  Bhutan-5      Bhutan-1833

The above poster reads as follows:-

The Takin - a unique animal closely associated with Bhutan's religious history and mythology..

Lama Drupa Kuenlay (1455-1529), the 'Divine Madman', is one of Bhutan's favourite saints, known for his outrageous antics.  One day his devotes were gathered to witness his magical powers and they asked him to perform a miracle.  Before complying, he demanded that he be given a whole cow and goat to eat.  Having devoured both, leaving only the bones, he stuck the goat's head on the bones of the cow.  To everyone's amazement, upon a command uttered by Drukpa Kuenlay, the animal came to life, arose, ran to the meadow and began to graze.  The animal came to be known as the dong gyem tsey (Takin) and can still be seen grazing in mountain meadows of the kingdom.

Due to its uniqueness, the Takin continues to befuddle taxonomists.  Unable to relate it to any other animal, they have put it in a category by itself, Budorcas taxicolor.

Bhutan-1834  Bhutan-1835  Bhutan-1839  Bhutan-8




  Bhutan-24  Bhutan-1619  Bhutan-1744

 Bhutan-21  Bhutan-1815  Bhutan-36  Bhutan-1804Bhutan-1811  

Bhutan-1780  Bhutan-1775  Bhutan-22  Bhutan-1800