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Flowers of Montenegro - 2013

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Flowers of Montenegro

It has been difficult to identify many of these plants so consequently there are many labeled 'unidentified'.

Probably Green Hellebore   Hellebore viridis

Globeflower  Trolius europateus

Wood Anemome  Anemome nemosa

Dropwort  Filipendula ulmarina

Sainfoin Onobrychis vicifolia

Pedicularis possibly verticillata

Long-spurred Pansy   Viola calcarata

Pomegranate   Punica granatum

Hemlock  Conium maculatum

Ainsworthia   Ainsworthia trachycarpa

Gentiana sp.

Thyme  Thymus polytrichus

Honeysuckle   Lonicera periclymemum

Campanula sp.

Clustered Bellflower  Campanula glomerata

Silybum mariaum


Muscari armeniacum

Purple Crocus   Crocus albiflorus

Iris germanica

Orchis sp.

Orchis sp.


Other wildlife.

A Fratillary Butterfly

Green-veined White   Artogia napi