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Greece May-June 2011

This was a very different trip to previous visits to Greece.  The first week I joined three other guests on a yacht, sailing between islands in the Cyclades, stopping to walk on the islands with a view to seeing wild life.  I then spent eleven days on the island of Amorgos, in the east of the Cyclades walking each day enjoying the scenery and wild flowers.

Below are some of the photos taken on the trip.

Getting to Syros from Mykonos.

The first week on the Yacht.

Walking on Amorgos. 

The main collection of Wild Life Photographs are on a new page which may be accessed by using this link. 

Wild Life Photographs of the Cyclades.





 GreeceSD-2605-23    Greece 2011-6186-137

Greece 2011-6083-62

The Route I took

The journey from the UK to my starting point involved a flight to Mykonos where I spent a night and then a ferry journey to the starting island of Syros.

The route we took on the yacht was from Syros to Paros (Naoussa) to the wetland in the south of Naxos before crossing to Iraklia.  Two nights were spent here before sailing to Agios Georogios on Antiparos.  After a night here we visited the island of Despotiko.  A long sail brought us to Kimolos before arriving at our destination Milos.

To get to Amorgos I left on the early ferry from Milos for Naxos.  A night in Naxos and another ferry journey brought me to Amorgos.

The journey home from Amorgos entailed two ferries via Naxos to reach Santorini from where I flew home.


Getting to Syros from Mykonos

GreeceSD-2584-2         GreeceSD-2583-1         GreeceSD-2585-3   

GreeceSD-2586-4      GreeceSD-2602-20  GreeceSD-2588-6  GreeceSD-2598-16

GreeceSD-2597-15  GreeceSD-2589-7

The First Week

Here are some of the photos taken during this first week.


Greece 2011-5977-24  Greece 2011-5979-25  Greece 2011-5980-26  GreeceSD-2606-27 

GreeceSD-2607-28  GreeceSD-2609-30  GreeceSD-2612-33  GreeceSD-2625-35

 GreeceSD-2626-36  GreeceSD-2627-37  Greece 2011-5989-40 

South of Naxos

Greece 2011-5998-46  Greece 2011-6000-48  Greece 2011-6007-49  Greece 2011-6008-50 

Greece 2011-6015-52  Greece 2011-6045-55  Greece 2011-6067-57  Greece 2011-6066-56


Greece 2011-6085-64  Greece 2011-6083-62  Greece 2011-6087-65   Greece 2011-6103-67

Greece 2011-6104-68  GreeceSD-2634-72  GreeceSD-2641-78  GreeceSD-2643-80

Greece 2011-6119-70  GreeceSD-2633-71  GreeceSD-2644-81  GreeceSD-2646-83

South Paros and Despotiko

GreeceSD-2670-118  GreeceSD-2671-119  GreeceSD-2672-120  GreeceSD-2673-121

 GreeceSD-2674-122  Greece 2011-6135-109  Greece 2011-6136-110  Greece 2011-6145-113 

Greece 2011-6153-114  GreeceSD-2668-117 

Agios Georogios on Antiparos

GreeceSD-2677-125  Greece 2011-6169-128  GreeceSD-2678-130  GreeceSD-2682-133


Greece 2011-6186-137  Greece 2011-6178-136  Greece 2011-6204-140  Greece 2011-6205-141 

Greece 2011-6206-142  GreeceSD-2683-143  GreeceSD-2686-146  GreeceSD-2687-147 

GreeceSD-2689-148    GreeceSD-2690-149  GreeceSD-2696-154 

Naxos to Amorgos

GreeceSD-2697-155  GreeceSD-2700-4-160  GreeceSD-2702-3-164

GreeceSD-2704-167  GreeceSD-2707-173  Greece 2011-6220-175

This is a link to photographs of Walking on Amorgos.

Walking on Amorgos

Amorgos - Naxos - Santorini

Home James!

GreeceSD-2717-5 Paros 

GreeceSD-2710-1  GreeceSD-2712-2 

 GreeceSD-2713-3  GreeceSD-2714-4   Iraklia from ferry