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October  2011

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This trip was organised by Adventure Travel.  Starting in Georgetown we travelled south to Iwokrama River Lodge for two nights.  Then one night at Atta Rainforest Lodge.  The next stop was at Surama Eco-lodge for four nights.  The last two in hammocks under a tarpaulin.  It rained heavily!  Two more nights were up river at Rewa Eco-lodge and then the luxury of Rock View Lodge for two nights to see the Guyanian Cock of the Rock before flying back to Georgetown.  Here we had a day trip to Kaieteur and Orinduik falls.  Then home to the UK.

October 13 and 14  Georgetown

Guyana-8404  Guyana-8447  Guyana-2943  Guyana-2944

Guyana-2946  Guyana-2947  Guyana-2949  Guyana-2950        Guyana-2948

Guyana-8500  Guyana-8473  Guyana-8522  Guyana-8523

October 15 and 16 Iwokrama River Lodge

Guyana-8525  Guyana-8604  Guyana-8632  Guyana-8680

Guyana-8686  Guyana-8687  Guyana-8690  Guyana-8698

Guyana-8735  Guyana-8793  Guyana-8892  Guyana-8870 

Guyana-2970  Guyana-8893  Guyana-2972  Guyana-2971  Guyana-2969

Guyana-8943  Guyana-8947  Guyana-8945  Guyana-2977

Guyana-2976  Guyana-8953  Guyana-2985  Guyana-2980


October 17 Atta Rainforest Lodge

Guyana-9027  Guyana-9138  Guyana-2986 Guyana-9139

Guyana-9117  Guyana-9143  Guyana-3014  Guyana-3016

Guyana-9024  Guyana-9026  Guyana-2995  Guyana-3017

  Guyana-9226  Guyana-9231  Guyana-9234  Guyana-9239  Guyana-9247  Guyana-9257  Guyana-9261  Guyana-9259  Guyana-9277

October 18 and 19 Surama Eco-lodge

Guyana-9334  Guyana-9344  Guyana-9445  Guyana-3024

Guyana-9524  Guyana-3026  Guyana-3029  Guyana-9554

October 20 and 21 Burro Burro River

Guyana-9694  Guyana-9698  Guyana-9746  Guyana-9743

Guyana-3040  Guyana-3041  Guyana-3043  Guyana-3042  Guyana-3044

Guyana-3045  Guyana-3047  Guyana-9832  Guyana-9841

Guyana-3073  Guyana-3074  Guyana-3076  Guyana-3078

October 22 and 23 Rewa Eco-lodge

Guyana-0028  Guyana-0048  Guyana-9970  Guyana-9956

Guyana-0049  Guyana-0050  Guyana-0103  Guyana-0108

Guyana-0110  Guyana-0129  Guyana-0132  Guyana-0133

Guyana-0240  Guyana-0148  Guyana-0248  Guyana-0249

Guyana-0251  Guyana-0373  Guyana-0374  Guyana-0377

 Guyana-0382  Guyana-3086  Guyana-3092  Guyana-3088

Guyana-3096  Guyana-3099  Guyana-3102  Guyana-0408

October 24 and 25 Rock View Lodge

Guyana-3103  Guyana-3104  Guyana-3105  Guyana-3106

Guyana-3137-2  Guyana-0846  Guyana-0853  Guyana-0863

 Guyana-0871  Guyana-0877  Guyana-0961  Guyana-0895

 Guyana-0960  Guyana-0962  For Cock of the Rock click here

October 26 Georgetown

October 27 Day trip to Kaiteur and Orinduik Falls

Kaiteur Falls

Guyana-0964  Guyana-3145  Guyana-3142  Guyana-0965 

Guyana-3150  Guyana-3157  Guyana-3158  Guyana-3160

Guyana-3161  Guyana-3159  Guyana-3168  Guyana-3174  Guyana-3171  Guyana-3180

Guyana-3160  Guyana-3170  Guyana-3173  Guyana-3177

  Guyana-3181  Guyana-3185  Guyana-3188  Guyana-3182  Guyana-3195  Guyana-3180

Guyana-3191  Guyana-3192  Guyana-3164  Guyana-3163

 Guyana-3162  Guyana-3199  Guyana-3192  Guyana-3208  Guyana-3197

 Guyana-3209  Guyana-3198  Guyana-0966  Guyana-0967

Orinduik Falls

Guyana-3217  Guyana-3216  Guyana-3219  Guyana-3220

 Guyana-3221  Guyana-3222  Guyana-3230  Guyana-3228

October 28 Fly to UK 


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