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Madagascar - 2012

Madagascar October 14th to 31st 2012

This was my third visit to Madagascar.  My previous trip was mainly spent rafting down one of the rivers towards the south of the island.  This time I had wildlife very much in mind as I visited the north of the island.
 To see photographs of the wildlife link to WILDLIFE OF MADAGASCAR

Nosy Be 

This is an island located just off the north-west coast.  I spent three nights at the Vanilla Hotel.  During this time I revisited the Lokobe reserve.  Very commercialised but produced some interesting wildlife sightings.

Jack Fruit                                        Pineapple                                      Black Lemur      
Traveller's Palm                              Snake                                            Frog

Ankify to Ankarana

After a short boat ride from Nosy Be to Ankify we drove north to Iharana Bush Camp at Ankarana.  I spent two days walking in the forest and on the first day the highlight was spotting a Fossa.

Jack Fruit                                        Vanilla                                            Vanilla                                           Pepper

Cocoa                                             Chameleon                                    Chameleon                                    Chameleon          

Madagascar Bee-eater                       Namaqua Dove                             Madagascar Coucal                        Water Plant

Views from near the lodge.

Ankarana West

Chameleon                                      Grey-headed Lovebird                    Chameleon                                   Main road

View                                               Chameleon                                     Black Bulbul                                   Northern Sportive Lemur

Giant Day Gecko                            Madagascan Pygmy Kingfisher              Fossa                                            Fossa

Malagasy Kingfisher                          Crowned Lemur                                  Sickle-billed Vanga                        Crested Coua

Malagasy Paradise Flycatcher (Male)   Hoopoe                                                             Crowned Lemur with young      

Ankarana East

Madagascar Magpie-robin                    Flatted leaf-bug nymphs                       Black Parrot                                  Spider

Bat Cave                                               Hamerkop                                          Striated Heron                               Chameleon

Amber Mountain

Unidentified Bird                                    Chameleon                                           Wild Raspberry                           Chameleon


Tree Fern                                                Blue-nosed Chameleon                              Mosses                                    Lichens etc.

View                                                                                                                    Chameleon                               Spider  

 Chameleon Brookesia sp                                                                                    Shield Bug                                Waterfall

Leaf-tailed Gecko

Sanford's Brown Lemur                                                                                       Plant                                      Chameleon

Crowned Lemur                                                                                                 Frog                                        Chameleon

Leaf-tailed Gecko                                                                                               Plated Leaf Chameleon                 Chameleon


Bamboo Lemur                                                                                                                                                  Tree Boa

Gecko                                                    Scene                                                Red-fronted Coua                   Madagascan Paradise Flycatcher

Diademed Sifaka

Orchid                                                   Giraffe-necked Weevil                             Gecko                                    Frog
Indri Lemurs

Collared Nightjar                                     White-throated Rail                              Butterfly                                 Plant

Indri Lemurs                                             More please

Mouse Lemur!                                                                                                     Madagascar Magpie-robin               Cactus

Red-bellied Lemur                                                                                                                                                    Nest

Black and White Ruffed Lemurs

Broad-billed Roller                                   Plant                                                    Calanco                                      Blue Coua

Path                                                       Madagascan Bee-eater                              Eastern Woolly Lemur                 Lodge


Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher (Male)           Madagascar Lesser Cuckoo                  Plant                                   Fody

Lichen                                                            Plant                                                 Plant                             Unidentified Bird      

 Small-toothed Sportive Lemur                                                                                                                 Velvet Asity

Moth                                                     Path                                                     Chameleon                               Lodge

Indri Lemur (Dark form)                                                                                    Plant                                       Orchid

View                                                    Plant                                                   Lichen                                     Insect           

Eastern Woolly Lemur                            Hamerkop Nest                                   Orchid