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Oman - 2009




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January 14th to 30th 2009

This trip is split into two parts.  Firstly three days were spent travelling from Muscat up to Jebel Shams.to view the amazing landscapes and visit several castles.  The second part became one of my best trips not necessarily for the content but because of the many friends I met there.  The visit to the south of Oman and into the Dhofar region was made to try to find evidence of the Arabian Leopard in that area.  The expedition was organized by Biosphere Expeditions.  The group consisted of a leader, a scientist, support team and 12 volunteers.  Based in a restricted area of Oman many kilometers from any villages we walked around the area searching for evidence of the Arabian Leopard and other animals.


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Some of the photographs were taken by members of the Biosphere Expedition Team.



Jebel Shams


Day One

Visiting Nakel Fort, Ain Towrah Hot Springs and Wadi Bani Awf on the way to Jebel Shams Camp.



















Day Two

Walking along the edge of the deep gorge to the deserted village of Wadi Gul





















Day Three

Drive back to Muscat visiting the quaint village of Misfah el Alabrim with its Falaj system (irrigation channels), the Bahla Pottery, Jabrin Castle and the round tower of Nizwa Fort.

























Biosphere Expedition to Dhofar



Rock Hyrax




















































Overnight Trip

The overnighters
























Birds of Dhofar

Ruppell's Griffon Vulture


Female Sunbird


Ruppell's Griffon Vulture


African Rock Bunting




Eastern Imperial Eagle




Palestine Sunbird


Palestine Sunbird


Little Grebe


Palestine Sunbird


Rock Dove


Yellow-vented Bulbul






Plants of Dhofar










































Calatropis Procea


Birds near Jebel Shams

Black Redstart


Cliff Chat (poss.)


Hume's Wheatear (poss.)


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