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Peru 2010.

This visit to the Amazon was arranged by Earthwatch.  Starting in Iquitos we drove to Nauta where we boarded the Ayapua.  This boat built in 1906 was used during the Rubber boom between about 1894 to 1912.

We set off up the Maranon River.  This mile wide river soon narrowed and after about two days we final were able to turn into the Samiria River and enter the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve.

The research we were about to assist in involved regular trips by small boat to monitor the following creatures: Caiman, Macaws, Ungulates, Primates, Game Birds, Fish, Dolphins and River Turtles.  During these census operations I was able to take photos of many of the bird species seen.

These pages show many of the photos which were taken during this visit in November 2010. 









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Photos of some of the 18 volunteers on the trip and crew members.

PERU-3711  PERU-2019  PERU-1424  PERU-2039  PERU-2027PERU-2025    PERU-4054  PERU-3832


PERU-1891  PERU-2222  PERU-1966

Passing boats

PERU-0948  PERU-0955  PERU-0947  PERU-0978 PERU-0973  PERU-0977  PERU-1116  PERU-2326

Village Life

PERU-2023  PERU-2021  PERU-2022  PERU-2016  PERU-2028  PERU-2032  PERU-2039  PERU-2034  PERU-2045  PERU-2047  PERU-2049  PERU-2048 

Pink River Dolphins

PERU-3219  PERU-3380  PERU-3221  PERU-2040


Gray Dolphin

PERU-1431  PERU-3259  PERU-3360  PERU-3262

Giant River Turtle

PERU-1898  PERU-1895  PERU-1911  PERU-1914  PERU-1607  PERU-3800  PERU-2063

Three-toed Sloth

PERU-4156  PERU-4154  PERU-4158

Tamarin Monkey

PERU-3041  PERU-3054  PERU-3044

Howler Monkey

PERU-2252  PERU-2249  PERU-2260  PERU-2486

Squirrel Monkey

20101129-Peru-3685  20101129-Peru-3696  20101129-Peru-3697  20101129-Peru-3703

Birds of the Amazon

These photos are presented in the order found in most 'Birds of Peru' books.  This is a list of the birds seen by me during this trip.  They will be added to Birds of South America later.  With the help of Alfredo I was able to see 87 different species of bird.  Only 20 were not photographed.  If any are inaccurately named please let me know - e-mail address on the Home Page.

Undulated Tinamou  -  Cryturellus undulatus


Jabiru  -  Jabiru mycteria

PERU-3304  PERU-3305

Muscovy Duck  -  Cairina moschata

PERU-1675  PERU-1678  PERU-3320

Sun Grebe  -  Heliornis fulica


Neotropic Cormorant  -  Phalacrocorax brusiliarus

PERU-2320  PERU-2348  PERU-3208

Anhinga  -  Anhinga anhinga

PERU-3211  PERU-3210  PERU-2042 

White-necked Heron  -  Ardea cocoi

PERU-2445  PERU-2167  PERU-1997  PERU-1597  PERU-1221

Rufescent Tiger Heron  -  Tigrisoma lineatum

PERU-1949  PERU-2869  PERU-2911  PERU-2912

Cattle Egret  -  Bubulas ibis

Great Egret  -  Ardea alba

PERU-1958  PERU-1093  PERU-1980  PERU-2785  PERU-2790  PERU-2792  PERU-2794  PERU-2793  PERU-2870

Capped Heron  -  Philherodius pilcatus

PERU-2801  PERU-2804  PERU-2806  PERU-2805  PERU-2926 

Snowy Egret  -  Egretta Thula

Striated Heron  -  Butorides striata

Horned Screamer  -  Anhima cormuta

PERU-1561  PERU-1731  PERU-1993  PERU-1734    PERU-2177  PERU-2945  PERU-2782  PERU-2951

Green Ibis  -  Mesembrinibis catennensis

PERU-4129  PERU-1863

Turkey Vulture  -  Cathartis aura


Greater Yellow-headed Vulture  -  Cathartes melambrotes

PERU-2352 PERU-2639  PERU-2582  PERU-2775

Black Vulture  -  Coragyrs atratus

PERU-3080  PERU-4182  PERU-3085  PERU-3290

Swallow-tailed Kite  -  Elanoides forficatus


Slender-billed Kite  -  Rostrhamus hamatus

Slate-coloured Hawk  -  Leucopternis schistaceus


Plumbeous Kite  -  Ictinia plumea

Laughing Falcon  -  Herpetotheres cachinnans


Black-collared Hawk  -  Busarellus nigricollis

PERU-1696  PERU-1294  PERU-2823  PERU-2822   PERU-3335   PERU-1964  Juvenile

Great Black Hawk  -  Buterogallus urubitinga

PERU-3080  PERU-3290  PERU-3285  PERU-3085

Roadside Hawk  -  Buteo magnirostris

PERU-1524  PERU-2810  PERU-2811  PERU-3032

Osprey  -  Pandion haliaetus

PERU-0950  PERU-3170   

Black Caracara  -  Daptrius ater

  PERU-1354  PERU-3323  PERU-2499  PERU-2879

Yellow-headed Carcara  -  Milvago chinachima

PERU-1551  PERU-1552  PERU-1044  PERU-1488

Red-throated Caracara  -  Ibycter americanus

Bat Falcon  -  Falco rufigularis

Wattled Jacana  -  Jacana jacana

PERU-1975  PERU-1974  PERU-2888  PERU-1661  PERU-1659  PERU-1648

Large-billed Tern  -  Phaetusa simplex

PERU-0991  PERU-0997  PERU-1033  PERU-3970    PERU-3974  PERU-3968  PERU-3980 

Blue and Gold Macaw  -  Ara ararauna

PERU-2299  PERU-2300  PERU-2523  PERU-2524

PERU-3193  PERU-2462  PERU-3820  PERU-3826  PERU-1567

Red-bellied Macaw  -  Orthopsittaca manilata

PERU-2562  PERU-2563

Chestnut-fronted Macaw  -  Ara severus


Red and Green Macaw  -  Ara chloropterus

PERU-2608  PERU-2609  PERU-2610  PERU-2986

PERU-2999  PERU-3002  PERU-3017

Tui Parakeet  -  Brotogeris sanchthomao

PERU-1931  PERU-1933  PERU-1932

Cobalt-winged Parakeet  -  Brotogeris cyanoptera

PERU-1170  PERU-1168  PERU-1500

White-eyed Parakeet  -  Aratinga leucophthalma

PERU-4127  PERU-4117

Blue-headed Parrot  -  Pionus menstrutus

Orange-cheeked Parrot  -  Pionopcitta barra bandi

PERU-2341  PERU-2340

Short-tailed Parrot  -  Graydidascalus brachyurus

Orange-winged Parrot  -  Amazona amazonia


Squirrel Cuckoo  -  Piaya cayana

Greater Ani  -  Cratophaya major

PERU-1918  PERU-2292  PERU-1919

Rufous-bellied Nighthawk  -  Lurucalis rufiventris


Pale-rumped Swift  -  Chaetura egregia

Andean Swift  -  Aeronautes andecolus

PERU-2080  PERU-2077  PERU-2074  PERU-2030

White-tailed Trogon  -  Trogon viridis

American Pygmy Kingfisher  -  Chloroceryle aerea

PERU-4140  PERU-4144  PERU-4142  PERU-4139

Amazon Kingfisher  -  Chloroceryle amazonas

PERU-1107  PERU-1309  PERU-1230  PERU-1999  PERU-3183  PERU-3126

Ringed Kingfisher  -  Ceeryle torquata

PERU-2400  PERU-2021  PERU-1235  PERU-1994  PERU-2592  PERU-2662  PERU-3292  PERU-3367  PERU-3293  PERU-2807

Green Kingfisher  -  Chloroceryle americana

PERU-3164  PERU-3158  PERU-3161 

Bluish-fronted Jacamar  -  Galbula cyanescens

PERU-1885  PERU-1888

Collard Puffbird  -  Bucco capensis

PERU  Photo taken by Rick Bryant ©

Swallow-wing  -  Chelidoptera tenbrosa

Black-fronted Nunbird  -  Monasa nigerifrons

PERU-2309  PERU-2332  PERU-3732  PERU-3754

Scarlet-crowned Barbet  -  Capito aurovirens

PERU-2724  PERU-2725-2

Lettered Aracaria  -  Pteroglossus inscriptus

PERU-1905  PERU-1910  PERU-1907

White-throated Toucan  -  Ramphastos tucanus

PERU-1492  PERU-1498  PERU-2547  PERU-2550

Crimson-crested Woodpecker  -  Campephilus melanolecos

PERU-3749  PERU-3743  PERU-3741

Drab Water Tyrant  -  Ochthornis littoralie

PERU-3115  PERU-3137  PERU-3117  PERU-3114  PERU-3100

Lesser Kiskadee  -  Piangus lictor

PERU-3194  PERU-2767 PERU-2732  PERU-2729  PERU-1890

Tropical Kingbird  -  Tyranaus melancholicus

PERU-1172  PERU-1171  PERU-1145  PERU-1143  PERU-1135

Black-tailed Tityra  -  Tityra cayana

PERU-4123  PERU-4118

Masked Tityra  -  Tityra semifasciata

PERU-1913  PERU-1911

Brown-chested Martin  -  Progne tapera

Purple-throated Fruitcrow  -  Querula purpurata

Violaceous Jay  -  Cyanocorax violacetus


White-thighed Swallow  -  Neochelidon  tibialis

PERU-1785  PERU-1784

Rough-winged Swallow  -  Stelgidopteryx ruficollis

PERU-2649  PERU-1786

White-winged Swallow  -  Tachyothorus leucorrhoa

PERU-1305  PERU-1266  PERU-2457  PERU-3211  PERU-4107  PERU-4132

Buff-breasted Wren  -  Thryothorus leucotis

Masked-crimson Tanager  -  Ramphocelus nigrogularis

Red-capped Cardinal  -  Paroaria gularis

PERU-2749  PERU-2754

Russet-backed Oropendula  -  Clypicterus oseryi

PERU-1206  PERU-2195  PERU-2190  PERU-2576

Yellow-rumped Cacique  -  Cacius cela

PERU-1165  PERU-1164  PERU-1166  PERU-1803

Oriole Blackbird  -  Gymnomystax mexicanus

Giant Cowbird  -  Molothrus oryzivorus

PERU-2288  PERU-2287

Epaulet Oriole  -  Icterus cayanensis

Insects and other creepy crawlies.

PERU-2240  PERU-3669  PERU-2241  PERU-3128           PERU-3835  PERU-2264  PERU-1919  PERU-1921  PERU-1948PERU-2956  PERU-2958  PERU-1868  PERU-1967  PERU-1970  PERU-1973  PERU-1916  PERU-1978  PERU-1984


PERU-1930  PERU-1928  PERU-1925


 PERU-2356  PERU-2354  PERU-1934  PERU-1935

PERU-1936  PERU-1938  PERU-1941  PERU-1940 


PERU-1246  PERU-1239  PERU-1223  PERU-1361  PERU-2334

PERU-1358  PERU-1917  PERU-1945  PERU-2611PERU-2318  PERU-2934  PERU-3235  PERU-3186

PERU-3169  PERU-3760  PERU-3629


PERU-2966    PERU-2968  PERU-2967












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