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Peru 2005

It is now 2010 and I have decided to add some details of my web site of the trips made in earlier years.  This means that the details of the trip are not given and only a selection of photographs displayed.

This trip was made in May 2005.  Firstly a journey was made down the coast south of Lima. We visited a nature reserve just south of Lima before travelling down as far as Paracas.

Here are a selection of photographs taken on this trip.

Andean Duck                            Red-headed Gull                           Andean Gull                  Striated Heron

Paracas                                                    Paracas                  Inca Tern                                           Paracas

After driving back to Lima we made a flight via Cusco to Puerto Maldonado and then by boat to the Tambopata National Reserve.

Red and Green Macaw                          Our Boat              Lineated Woodpecker   Red and Green Macaw

Amazon Kingfisher             Gold Dredger                         Gold Dredger                Horned Screamer

River Turtle                          Tambopata River               Scarlet Macaw                   Salt Lick

Then it was back to Cusco for some visits in the Sacred Valley including Machu Picchu.

Local Dress                            Cuzco                               Local Weaver                       Tambopata River

Machu Picchu

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