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West Africa

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This was an overland trip organised by Guy Lankaster owner of the travel company, 'From here 2 Timbuktu'. Our journey through West Africa started in Bamako, the capital of Mali, before driving to Segou for three days to attend the The  Festival on the Niger. The next part of the trip was on a Pinasse, a long wooden motor boat for three nights.  We then visited Djenne to see the world’s largest mud structure, the Grand Mosque.  The Dogan Country enabled us to walk through some of the villages along the escarpment.  A days drive brought us to visit Timbuktu, spending a night with the Tureg tribe.  Gao was our last destination in Mali before crossing into Niger.  We drove East through several towns including Niamey where we obtained our Visas for Chad.  Driving through Chad meant driving across what was once Lake Chad before arriving in Bol where we able finally to see Lake Chad.  After further delays we reached the capital of Chad, N’Djemena. Crossing the border into Cameroon we visited Waza National Park while we waited for Guy to obtain his Cameroon Visa in Chad.  We finally left Waza and drove south through Cameroon.  We saw the beauty of the the Mandara Mountains despite the dusty haze brought in from the north. Once in N'Gaoundere we had the choice of continuing by road down to Yaounde or using the overnight train.  I chose the road option.  From Yaounde it was a fairly easy drive down to the coast at Limbe where the trip ended.



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West Africa-2321  West Africa-2350  West Africa-5243

Hope that you enjoy looking at these photos.  Rob


 West Africa-4758

West Africa-4780

West Africa-5663

West Africa-5777

February 3rd.

Left Heathrow flying with Royal Air Maroc to Bamako.

February 4th

Arrived in Bamako at 0200 and after a short rest drove to Segou

Attended Festival on the Niger.

 West Africa-2236  West Africa-2237  West Africa-2230  West Africa-2241 

February 5th

Visited a craft center to see the how the Mud Cloth was produced and in the afternoon visited a village where they produced earthenware pots.  Attended Festival on the Niger.

 West Africa-2246  West Africa-2247  West Africa-2248  West Africa-2249  West Africa-2252 

West Africa-2253  West Africa-2255   West Africa-2254  West Africa-2256 

February 6th

In the afternoon we visited Segu Kora, the ancient city where at one time it was where the whole of West Africa was controlled.

  West Africa-2260  West Africa-4752  West Africa-4753  West Africa-4755  West Africa-4756  West Africa-4757  West Africa-4758  West Africa-4770  West Africa-4777  West Africa-4780  West Africa-4781  West Africa-4782  West Africa-4785  West Africa-4788  West Africa-2261  West Africa-2262  West Africa-2263  West Africa-2265  West Africa-2266  West Africa-2267  West Africa-2268  West Africa-2273  West Africa-2269  West Africa-2275  West Africa-2276  West Africa-2277  West Africa-2278  West Africa-2279  West Africa-2280  West Africa-2283 

February 7th

Left Segu on the Panasse for our trip down the River Niger.  Camped on Sandbank after visiting the village of Babou Kora.

 West Africa-2292  West Africa-2291  West Africa-2289  West Africa-2286  West Africa-2284  West Africa-4967 West Africa-4965  West Africa-4921  West Africa-4918  West Africa-4905  West Africa-4868  West Africa-4867  West Africa-4861  West Africa-4855  West Africa-4818  West Africa-4812  West Africa-4805  West Africa-4792 

February 8th

Another day on the river including a visit to a village which boasted to have the largest boat building facility in Mali.  The construction was entirely by hand.

 West Africa-4988  West Africa-5002  West Africa-5004  West Africa-5005  West Africa-2296  West Africa-2297  West Africa-2299  West Africa-2302  West Africa-2304  West Africa-2305  West Africa-2306  West Africa-5019  West Africa-5048  West Africa-5055    West Africa-2310  West Africa-2311  West Africa-2316  West Africa-5082

February 9th

Visit to the village of Koulenei before leaving the boat to drive to Djenne.

 West Africa-5092  West Africa-5120  West Africa-5124  West Africa-2318  West Africa-2319  West Africa-2321  West Africa-2322  West Africa-2323  West Africa-2324  West Africa-2327  West Africa-2328  West Africa-2329  West Africa-2330  West Africa-5131  West Africa-2337  West Africa-2338  West Africa-5135 

February 10th

Town visit including seeing the Grand Mosque and visiting the home of our guide, Sorry.

We drove to Mopti after several punctures to stay in a good hotel.

 West Africa-2342  West Africa-2343  West Africa-2345  West Africa-2350  West Africa-2351  West Africa-2352  West Africa-2355  West Africa-2363  West Africa-2366  West Africa-2370  West Africa-2371  West Africa-2373  West Africa-2374  West Africa-2375 

February 11th

Drove into the Dogon Country.  Walked down the escarpment to stay in the village of Banani.

 West Africa-5148  West Africa-2385  West Africa-2386    West Africa-5149  West Africa-5152  West Africa-5154  West Africa-2378  West Africa-2387  West Africa-2388   West Africa-5155  West Africa-5156  West Africa-5159  West Africa-5160  West Africa-2393  West Africa-2394  West Africa-5200  West Africa-2396  West Africa-2397  West Africa-2399  West Africa-2400  West Africa-2401

February 12th

Today we had our first (and as it happened our only) opportunity to make a real walk.  We walked over the escarpment to visit three of  the villages seeing some of the cliff dwellings.

 West Africa-2402  West Africa-5214  West Africa-5224  West Africa-5240  West Africa-2403  West Africa-2405  West Africa-2407  West Africa-2409  West Africa-2410  West Africa-2411  West Africa-2413  West Africa-5242  West Africa-5243  West Africa-2416  West Africa-5244 West Africa-2424  West Africa-2423  West Africa-2425  West Africa-2427  West Africa-2428  West Africa-2429

February 13th

A long drive over very rough roads brought us to the ferry across the River Niger to Timbuktu.  We road camels to our camp in the desert in the dark.  After Tureg entertainment and hard sell (unsuccessful ) of bracelets etc we had a meal and dancing before sleeping under the stars.

  West Africa-2430  West Africa-2431  West Africa-2432  West Africa-2443  West Africa-2445  West Africa-2446  West Africa-2447  West Africa-2448  West Africa-2449  West Africa-2451 

February 14th

Off early.  We visited Timbuktu very quickly before waiting for the ferry and then the long drive to Gao.

 West Africa-5254  West Africa-5253  West Africa-5255  West Africa-5258  West Africa-2452  West Africa-2454  West Africa-2455  West Africa-2456  West Africa-2457  West Africa-2458  West Africa-2459  West Africa-2460  West Africa-2461  West Africa-2462  West Africa-2463  West Africa-2464  West Africa-2465  West Africa-2467  West Africa-2469  West Africa-2470  West Africa-2471  West Africa-2472  West Africa-2474  West Africa-2476  West Africa-2477  West Africa-2478 

February 15th

A day in Gao waiting to get permission to leave for Niger.  Police wanted to provide an escort as they thought we were going to a festival in the north of the country. 

 West Africa-5269  West Africa-2479  West Africa-2480  West Africa-2481  West Africa-2486 

February 16th

Finally managed to leave the town of Gao when they realized we wanted to go to Niger.

West Africa-5276  West Africa-5279  West Africa-5281 

Stayed in Naimey.

 February 17th

Visit to Chad embassy to obtain visas for Chad.  Collected them in the afternoon. Good meal in an Italian Reasturant. (the last good meal for some days)

 West Africa-2488

February 18th

Left early for Zinder but only managed to reach Maradi for the night.

 West Africa-2489  West Africa-2490  West Africa-2491  West Africa-2492 

February 19th

Could not get cash from any ATM’s so left for Zinder late.

On arrival had difficulty getting hotel and because of late band ‘music’ finally slept at 0130

 West Africa-2495  West Africa-2494  West Africa-2496  West Africa-2497  West Africa-2498  West Africa-2500  West Africa-5284  West Africa-5289 

February 20th

Finally reached Diffa after several mechanical faults.  Street food in evening.

 West Africa-2509  West Africa-2510  West Africa-2511  West Africa-2512    West Africa-2513  West Africa-2514  West Africa-2516  West Africa-2517 

February 21st

Vehicle repairs took over six hours so left late for Nguimi.

Had to camp en-route in the desert.

 West Africa-5298  West Africa-5301  West Africa-5303  West Africa-5310  West Africa-5316  West Africa-2519  West Africa-2521  West Africa-2523 

February 22nd

Took a while to obtain passport stamp in Nguimi before driving across the dried up Lake Chad to the Chad border post.  Late at night managed to get stuck in sand so had to camp in the desert.

 West Africa-5322  West Africa-5321  West Africa-5324  West Africa-5325  West Africa-5326  West Africa-2526  West Africa-2527  West Africa-2530 

February 23rd

Continued our drive across the lake including a 2-3 hour delay in digging car out of the sand.  Finally reached Bol and cleared police check.  Camped out near a Soda Lake.

 West Africa-5347  West Africa-5349  West Africa-5352  West Africa-5350  West Africa-2531  West Africa-2532    West Africa-5382  West Africa-5385  West Africa-5383  West Africa-5386  West Africa-5371  West Africa-5388  West Africa-2539  West Africa-2542

February 24th

Continued our journey over poor road to reach a village, Ngouri, where on checking into the police point realized that one passport was lost.  This resulted in returning to Bol to search around the Soda Lake.  On the way one of the car batteries exploded and so limped back to Bol and had stay the night in a house.

 West Africa-5408  West Africa-3  West Africa-2543  West Africa-2544 

February 25th

Passport found in the morning so continued our journey and finally reached the capital of Chad – N’Djamena.

 February 26th

Day in town with visit to internet at Libyan hotel. 

February 27th

As the guide could not get Visa until after the weekend  the clients moved on into Cameroon with another African driver to stay just outside Waza.

 February 28th

A very pleasant Lodge accommodation was welcome as we waited for our guide to catch up.  We visited the National Park at Waza and saw Lions and 14 Giraffe in one location near a water hole.

 West Africa-5431  West Africa-5437  West Africa-5449  West Africa-5450  West Africa-5467  West Africa-5490  West Africa-2546  West Africa-5498  West Africa-5523  West Africa-5532  West Africa-5541  West Africa-5543  West Africa-5551  West Africa-5561  West Africa-5562  West Africa-5565  West Africa-5578  West Africa-5581  West Africa-5596  West Africa-5643   West Africa-5663    West Africa-2549  West Africa-2548

March 1st

Another day in Waza doing very little apart from tyre repair and avoiding the heat of the day.

 West Africa-5665  West Africa-5667  West Africa-2550  West Africa-2551 

 March 2nd

Left Waza driving through the Mandara Mountains to arrive in Garoua.  En route we stopped to watch the dancing at a 'wake'.

West Africa-2550  West Africa-2551  West Africa-2552  West Africa-2553  West Africa-2555  West Africa-2556  West Africa-2557  West Africa-2558  West Africa-2559  West Africa-2560  West Africa-2563  West Africa-2562  West Africa-2563  West Africa-2564  West Africa-2566  West Africa-2567  West Africa-2568  West Africa-2569  West Africa-2572 

March 3rd

After some of the group had been to 'communicate' with a tame Hippo we drove down to N'Gaoundere.

West Africa-5669  West Africa-5670

March 4th

While two of the group travelled overnight by train to Yaounde the rest drove down to Garoua Boulai near the Central African Republic and to Belabo for the night.

West Africa-5672  West Africa-2573

March 5th

A mad dash this morning to meet the train in Yaounde, drive to Douala where we spent over two hours in a traffic jam, then down to Limbe arriving very late.

West Africa-2576  West Africa-2574  West Africa-2577  West Africa-2581

March 6th

After an orientation tour of Limbe I was glad to have a lazy time.

West Africa-5674  West Africa-5682  West Africa-5698  West Africa-5716  West Africa-5744  West Africa-5752  West Africa-5777

March 7th

Walked through the Botanical Gardens and made a visit to the Limbe Wildlife Centre.

West Africa-5813  West Africa-5815  West Africa-5830  West Africa-5832  West Africa-5838  West Africa-5842  West Africa-5847  West Africa-5864  West Africa-5886  West Africa-5875  West Africa-5890  West Africa-5893  West Africa-5898  West Africa-5895  West Africa-5909  West Africa-5901  West Africa-5913  West Africa-5915 

March 8th

Went for a walk in the foothills of Mt Etinde.  It was extremely hot and very, very humid!

West Africa-5954  West Africa-5959

March 9th

I flew back to London from Douala via Casablanca.

For photos of wildlife seen in West Africa click HERE