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Birds of Caprivi - Botswana - 2009

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African Darter


African Fish-eagle


African Grey Hornbill


African Jacana

Bearded Woodpecker

Black Crake

Black Egret


Black-shouldered Kite

Bradfield's Hornbill


Broad-billed Roller


Cape Glossy Starling


Carmine Bee-eater


Cisticola Sp


Clapper Lark

Crimson-breasted Boubou


Great Egret

Green-backed Heron (??)

Grey Lourie


Grey-headed Kingfisher


Ground Hornbill




Hartlaub's Babbler


Hooded Vulture

Knob-billed Duck

Laughing Dove


Little Bee-eater


Long-tailed or Magpie Shriek


Little Egret

Malachite Kingfisher


Pied Kingfisher


Plum coloured Starling

Red-billed Francolin

Swallow-tailed Bee-eater


Wahlberg's Eagle


Wattled Crane


Wattled Plover


Weaverbird's Nests

White-faced whistling ducks



White-fronted Bee-eater


White-fronted Cormorant

Wire-tailed Swallow


Yellow-billed Kite