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Birds of the World - Page One

Birds of the world page one


The number of bird species in the world changes from year to year. At present it is just over 10695 species. I have seen 1516 species and photographed 1068species.

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Any blank photo frames are intentional and await future sightings.

Undulated Tinamou     Crypturellus undulatus

Common Ostrich     Struthio camelus

Horned Screamer     Anhima cornuta

Southern Brown Kiwi  Apteryx australis

Southern Screamer     Chauna torquata

White-faced Whistling Duck     Dendrocygna viduata

Black-bellied Whistling Duck     Dendrocygna autumnalis

Spotted Whistling Duck     Dendrocygna guttata

Wandering Whistling Duck     Dendrocygna arcuata

Lesser Whistling Duck     Dendrocygna javanica

White-backed Duck     Thalassornis leuconotus

Pink-footed Goose     Anser brachyrhynchus

Greylag Goose     Anser anser

Bar-headed Goose     Anser indicus

Canada Goose     Branta canadensis

Hawaian Goose     Branta sandvicensis

Barnacle Goose     Branta leucopsis

Black Swan     Cygnus atratus

Black-necked Swan     Cygnus melancoryphus

Whooper Swan     Cygnus cygnus

Mute Swan     Cygnus olr

Tundra Swan     Cygnus columbianus

Blue Duck     Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos

Torent Duck    Merganetta amata

Spur-winged Goose     Plectropterus gambensis

Comb Duck     Sarkidiornis sylvicola

Knob-billed Duck    Sarkidiornis melanotos

Blue-winged Goose    Cyanochen cyanoptera

Egyptian Goose     Alopochen aegyptiaca

Orinoco Goose     Neochen jubata

Andean Goose     Chloephaga melanoptera

Kelp Goose     Chloephaga hybrida

Common Shelduck    Tadorna tadorma

Ruddy Shelduck    Tadorna ferruginea

Muscovy Duck     Cairina moschata

Maned Duck     Chenonetta jubata

Brazilian Teal     Amazonetta brasiliensis

Cape Teal     Anas capensis

Gadwall    Anas strepera

Eurasian Wigeon     Anas penelope

African Black Duck    Anas sparsa

Mallard    Anas platyrhynchos

Hawaiian Duck   Anas wyvilliana

Indian Spot-billed Duck    Anas poecilorhyncha

Northern Shoveler    Anas clypeata

Yellow-billed Duck    Anas undulata

White-checked Pintail    Anas bahamensis

Garganey    Anas querquedula

Northern Pintail    Anas acuta

Eurasian Teal    Anas crecca

Puna Teal    Anas puna

Red-crested Pochard    Netta rufina

Common Pochard    Aythya ferina

Ferruginous Duck    Aythya nyroca

Tufted Duck    Aythya fuligula

Common Eider    Somateria mollissima

Harlequin Duck    Neochen jubata

Common Goldeneye     Bucephala clangula

Common Merganser    Mergus merganser

Red-breasted Merganser    Mergus serrator

Masked Duck    Nomonyx dominicus

Ruddy Duck    Oxyura jamaicensis

Andean Duck    Oxyura ferruginea

Melanesian Megapode    Megapodius eremita

Grey-headed Chachalaca    Ortalis cinereiceps

Chaco Chachalaca    Ortalis canicollis

Crested Guan    Penelope purpurascens

Spix's Guan    Penelope jacquacu

Blue-throated Piping Guan    Pipile cumanensis

Black Guan    Chamaepetes unicolor

Razor-billed Curassow    Mitu tuberosum

Black Curassowow    Crax alector

Helmeted Guineafowl    Numida meleagris

Crested Guineafowl    Guttera pucherani

Crested Bobwhite   Colinus cristatus

Chukar Partridge    Alectoris chukar

Black Francolin    Francolinus francolinus

Grey Francolin   Francolinus pondicerianus

Swamp Francolin    Francolinus gularis

Crested Francolin    Dendroperdix sephaena

Red-billed Spurfowl    Pternistis adspersus

Natal Spurfowl    Pternistis natalensis

Yellow-necked Spurfowl    Pternistis leucoscepus

Swainson's Spurfowl    Pternistis swainsonii

Grey Partridge    Perdix perdix

Common Quail    Coturnix coturnix

Rain Quail    Coturnix coromandelica

King Quail    Excalifactoria chinensis

Jungle Bush Quail    Perdicula asiatica

Hill Partridge    Arborophila torquela

Rufous-throated Partridge    Arborophila rufogularis

Mountain Bamboo Partridge    Bambusicola fytchii

Red Spurfowl   Galloperdix spadicea

Painted Spurfowl    Galloperdix lunulata

Blyth's Tragopan    Tragopan blythii

Red Junglefowl    Gallus gallus

Kalij Pheasant    Lophura leucomelanos

Common Pheasant    Phasianus colchicus

Indian Peafowl    Pavo cristatus


 Red-throated Loon    Gavia stellata

Great Northern Loon    Gavia immer

King Penguin    Aptenodytes patagonicus

Gentoo Penguin    Pygoscelis papua

Adelie Penguin    Pygoscelis adeliae

Chinstrap Penguin    Pygoscelis antarcticus

Southern Rockhopper Penguin    Eudyptes chrysocome

Magellanic Penguin    Spheniscus magellanicus

Macaroni Penguin    Eudyptes chrysolophus

African Penguin    Spheniscus demersus

Humboldt Penguin     Spheniscus humboldti

Galapagos Penguin    Spheniscus mendiculus

Laysan Albatross    Phoebastria immutabilis

Black-footed Albatross    Phoebastria nigripes

Waved Albatross    Phoebastria irrorata

Wandering Albatross    Diomedeidae exulans

Sooty Albatross    Phoebetria fusca

Light-mantled Albatross    Phoebetria palpebrata

Black-browed Albatross    Thalassarche melanophris

Shy Albatross    Thalassarche cauta

Grey-headed Albatross    Thalassarche chrysostoma

Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross    Thalassarche chlororhynchos

Southern Giant Petrel    Macronectes giganteus

Northern Giant Petrel    Macronectes halli

Northern Fulmar    Fulmarus glacialis

Southern Fulmar    Fulmarus glacialoides

Cape Petrel    Daption capense

Fairy Prion    Pachyptila turtur

Broad-billed Prion    Pachyptila vittata

Slender-billed Prion    Pachyptila belcheri

Antarctic Prion    Pachyptila desolata

Atlantic Petrel    Pterodroma incerta

Soft-plumaged Petrel    Pterodroma incerta

White-chinned Petrel   Procellaria aequinoctialis

Cory's Shearwater    Calonectris borealis

Wedge-tailed Shearwater    Puffinus pacificus

Short-tailed Shearwater    Puffinus tenuirostris

Great Shearwater    Puffinus gravis

Manx Shearwater    Puffinus puffinus

Yelkouan Shearwater    Puffinus yelkouan

Audubon's Shearwater    Puffinus lherminieri

Wilson's Storm Petrel     Oceanites oceanicus

Elliot's Storm Petrel   Oceanites gracilis

Leach's Storm petrel    Oceanodroma leucorhoa

Fork-tailed Storm Petrel   Oceanodroma jubatafurcata

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