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USA - Hawaii - 2017

October 12th to 25th 2017

The main reason for my visit to Hawaii was to see a Lava Lake and the associated Lava fields.

I spent half of my time on Big Island (Hawaii) viewing the Kilauea Caldera in Volcanoes National Park walking a number of the Trails in the park many through Rain Forests. I took a helicopter flight over the Kilaauea Volcanic System and walked in other areas of this island.

The second half of my visit was to Kauai the most northerly island and called the 'Green Island'. One area in the north of the island is claimed to be the wettest place on earth. Here I made several walks viewing the amazing scenery and plant life. Some of the walking was hard due to the track surface being rough and very wet.

The weather was as expected rather wet but warm.

This page shows photographs of the trip but for wildlife photos please link to Wildlife of Hawaii 2017.

Big Island Hawaii

Volcanoes National Park

Kilauea Iki Trail

Devastration Trail

Tree Molds Trail

Kipukapuaulu Trail

Helicopter flight over the Kilauea Volcanic System

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Kilauea Volcano at night

MacKenzie State Recreation Area

Lava Tree State Monument


Kauai Island

Hanakapi'ai Trail along the Na Pali coast

Limahuli Gardens


Kilauea Lighthouse


Pihea Trail

Waimea Canyon


Shipwreck Bay

Click HERE for Wildlife Photographs of the trip.

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