From No-body to Somebody.
Perhaps now is a good time to
Where do we start! I was born in a bungalow called
look back at my
‘Bensbung’ in Eastwood located
History’. To start the journey
close to Leigh on Sea, Essex on
back through my family tree my
Maundy Thursday the 21st of
parents were married on
March 1940. Conceived before
October 6th 1934 in Edmonton
the start of the second world
Parish Church. My father was 27
war but born after the start of
having been born on May 8th 1907
the war on September 3rd 1939.
to William and Frances Burton of
My parents were Frederick
Winchester Road,
Edmonton. My mother was
25 and had been born to
originally from Edmonton
Robert Henry and Annie
Middlesex. My Father
Butler of 76 Hazlebury Road
worked as a Knitwear
28th December 1908.
machine operator for a
At their
small local firm called
The outbreak of war brought with it the possibility
they only
of a German invasion up the River Thames. As a result
had one
many children and young families were being
evacuated away from the area. My father having
alive and so I only ever knew one
worked as a universal miller (similar to a metalwork
grandparent, Frances Burton. I did
lathe operator) obtained employment with Dowty
however have uncles Vic Burton
Aviation an aircraft undercarriage manufacturer in
and Philip Butler and married aunts on my mother’s
Cheltenham. It was at 1 Kipling Road that I spent my
side of the family, aunties Gladys Simmonds and
early life until the end of the war.
Marjorie Whines. More complete Family Trees may