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September 2011

Wildlife photographs may be seen here or for general trip photographs please continue reading.

This journey was to the south of Ethiopia.  The visit concentrated on the tribes around the Omo National Park.  The most memorable part of the trip was the amount of rain we had and the effect this had on the trip.  The trip members were fortunately able to accept this 'little' problem and we came to accept getting stuck in the mud as all in a days march.  One day we managed to move camp about 200m within the park as the vehicles repeatedly became stuck.  And this was a holiday I hear you say!


Here are a collection of photos taken on the trip.  Mostly of wildlife I must say as I love to photograph the birds and animals on my trip.


The visit was arranged by Wild Frontiers and thanks must go to Mette and her team of supporters for which for me was a great adventure into a developing part of the world.


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Sept 2nd - Around Addis Abada

Our tour around Addis Ababa involved a visit to the Ethnographic Museum.

Ethiopia-2732  Ethiopia-6631  Ethiopia-6632  Ethiopia-6656  Ethiopia-6711  Ethiopia-2744  Ethiopia-2733  Ethiopia-2742  Ethiopia-2735Ethiopia-2740

Sept 3rd - Addis Ababa to Jimma

Ethiopia-2747  Ethiopia-2751  Ethiopia-2754  Ethiopia-2756  Ethiopia-2764  Ethiopia-2765 Ethiopia-2767 Ethiopia-2768    Ethiopia-2770  Ethiopia-2771  Ethiopia-2772       

Sept 4th - Jimma to Mizan Tafari

An early visit to King Jaffa's Castle and then a drive to Mizan Tafari.

Ethiopia-2791 Ethiopia-2790  Ethiopia-6743 Ethiopia-6742

Sept 5th - Mizan Tafari to Kibbish

Ethiopia-2792  Ethiopia-2795  Ethiopia-2796  Ethiopia-2794 

  Ethiopia-6752  Ethiopia-6760  Ethiopia-6757  Ethiopia-6750 Ethiopia-6747  Ethiopia-6749  Ethiopia-6763  Ethiopia-6762  Ethiopia-6764  Ethiopia-6765  Ethiopia-6766  Ethiopia-6771  Ethiopia-6774  Ethiopia-6776  Ethiopia-6777  Ethiopia-2796  Ethiopia-6778 

Ethiopia-6779  Ethiopia-6780  Ethiopia-6782 

Ethiopia-6784  Ethiopia-6785  Ethiopia-6800  Ethiopia-6801  Ethiopia-6802  Ethiopia-6811  Ethiopia-6815  Ethiopia-6813

Sept 6th - In Kibbish

Ethiopia-6847  Ethiopia-6844  Ethiopia-6848  Ethiopia-6849  Ethiopia-6850  Ethiopia-6852    Ethiopia-6854  Ethiopia-6857

Ethiopia-6862  Ethiopia-6863  Ethiopia-6864  Ethiopia-6869  Ethiopia-6884

Sept 7th - In Kibbish

Ethiopia-6885  Ethiopia-6904  Ethiopia-6920  Ethiopia-6921    Ethiopia-6923  Ethiopia-6924  Ethiopia-6927  Ethiopia-6931  Ethiopia-6932  Ethiopia-6936  Ethiopia-6940

Ethiopia-6941  Ethiopia-6946  Ethiopia-6951  Ethiopia-6972 

Sept 8th - To the Omo National Park

Ethiopia-6977  Ethiopia-6978  Ethiopia-6979  Ethiopia-6981  Ethiopia-6980  Ethiopia-6982  Ethiopia-6985  Ethiopia-6994  Ethiopia-7005 

Sept 9th - Stuck in the National Park

Ethiopia-7015  Ethiopia-7020  Ethiopia-7024  Ethiopia-7033  Ethiopia-7048  Ethiopia-7051  Ethiopia-7053  Ethiopia-7072  Ethiopia-7085  Ethiopia-7098 

Sept 10th - Reaching the Omo River (some of us!)

Ethiopia-7128  Ethiopia-7201  Ethiopia-7204  Ethiopia-7205  Ethiopia-7208  Ethiopia-7231  Ethiopia-7235  Ethiopia-7238 

Sept 11th - Moving gear across the river

Not much time for photos as this was the day we walked a long way!!!!!!!!

Sept 12th - On the River Omo

Ethiopia-7251  Ethiopia-7278  Ethiopia-7283  Ethiopia-7309    Ethiopia-7316  Ethiopia-7319 Ethiopia-7394 Ethiopia-7355 

Sept 13th - On the River Omo

Ethiopia-7464  Ethiopia-7474  Ethiopia-7479  Ethiopia-7523 Ethiopia-7551  Ethiopia-7559  Ethiopia-7571  Ethiopia-7591  Ethiopia-7603  Ethiopia-7663  Ethiopia-7667  Ethiopia-7675Ethiopia-7677  Ethiopia-7678  Ethiopia-7681  Ethiopia-2802  Ethiopia-2803 Ethiopia-2804 Ethiopia-2811 Ethiopia-2806    Ethiopia-2809 Ethiopia-2810     Ethiopia-2824  Ethiopia-2812  Ethiopia-2813  Ethiopia-2815                    Ethiopia-2801 Ethiopia-7685 

Sept 14th - Another day on the river

Ethiopia-7703  Ethiopia-7704  Ethiopia-7707  Ethiopia-7737  Ethiopia-7746  Ethiopia-7747  Ethiopia-7821  Ethiopia-7834  Ethiopia-7824  Ethiopia-7821  Ethiopia-7837 Ethiopia-7857  Ethiopia-7859  Ethiopia-7839  Ethiopia-7896  Ethiopia-7878-2  Ethiopia-7903  Ethiopia-7943  Ethiopia-7944  Ethiopia-7945  Ethiopia-7950  Ethiopia-8210 

Sept 15th - Turmi to Arba Minch

  Ethiopia-2856  Ethiopia-2861  Ethiopia-8050 Ethiopia-8051  Ethiopia-8048  Ethiopia-8052  Ethiopia-8053  Ethiopia-2844 



Sept 16th - In Arba Minch

Ethiopia-2866  Ethiopia-2865  Ethiopia-2864  Ethiopia-2882  Ethiopia-2885 Ethiopia-2886 Ethiopia-2891  Ethiopia-2896  Ethiopia-2898  Ethiopia-2899

 Ethiopia-2906  Ethiopia-2913  Ethiopia-2914 

Ethiopia-8174  Ethiopia-8195  Ethiopia-8226 

Ethiopia-8241  Ethiopia-8263  Ethiopia-2918 

Ethiopia-2921  Ethiopia-2924

Sept 17th - Arba Minch to Addis Ababa



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