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Wildlife of Ethiopia - 2011

   September 2011

This journey was to the south of Ethiopia.  The visit concentrated on the tribes around the Omo National Park.  The most memorable part of the trip was the amount of rain we had and the effect this had on the trip.  The trip members were fortunately able to accept this 'little' problem and we came to accept getting stuck in the mud as all in a days march.  One day we managed to move camp about 200m within the park as the vehicles repeatedly became stuck.  And this was a holiday I hear you say!

The visit was arranged by Wild Frontiers and thanks must go to Mette and her team of supporters for which for me was a great adventure into a developing part of the world


These photographs are as a record and some of the photographs are not of a good quality.








Birds of Ethiopia

Great White Pelican        Pelecanus onocrotalus


Cattle Egret                      Bubulcus ibis

Little Egret                        Egretta gazetta


Intermediate Egret          Mesophoyx intermedia


Goliath Heron                   Arlea goliath


Purple Heron                    Ardea purpurea

Grey Heron                       Ardea cinerea

Yellow-billed Stork           Mycteria ibis


Marabou Stork                 Leptoptilos crumeniferus



Hardada Ibis                     Bostrychia hagedash


Egyptian Goose                 Alopochen aegyptiacus


Yellow-billed Kite               Milvus aegyptius

Black-shouldered Kite      Elanus caeruleus


African Fish Eagle              Haliaetus vocifer


Egyptian Vulture                Neophron percnopterus

Hooded Vulture                  Necrosyrtes monachus


White-headed Vulture       Trigonoceps occipitalis


African White-backed Vulture   Gyps africanus

Lappet-faced Vulture        Torgos tracheliotus

Dark Chanting Goshawk    Melierax metabates

Gabar Goshawk                  Micronisus gabar

Augur Buzzard                   Buteo augur

Bateleur                              Terathopius ecaudatus


Long-crested Eagle            Lophaetus occipitalis

Pygmy Falcon                       Polihierax semitorquatus

Helmeted Guineafowl          Numida meleagris

Yellow-necked Spurfowl     Francolinus leucoscepus

Black-bellied Bustard           Eupodotis gindiana


Senegal Thick-knee              Burhinus senegalensis


Egyptian Plover                    Pluvianus aegyptius


Common Sandpiper             Actitis hypoleucos

Emerald-spotted Wood-dove Tutur chalcospilos


African Mourning Dove        Streptopelia decipiens


Laughing Dove                      Streptopelia senegalensis

Dusky Turtle Dove                Streptopelia lugens


White-bellied Go-away Bird Corythaixoides leucogaster

Eastern Grey Plantain-eater    Crinifer zonurus


White-browed Coucal           Centropus superciliosus

Blue-headed Coucal              Centropus monachus

Speckled Mousebird               Colius striatus


Pied Kingfisher                       Ceryle rudis


Grey-headed Kingfisher        Halcyon leucocephala


Woodland Kingfisher              Halcyon senegalensis

Little Bee-eater                       Merops pusillus


Blue-cheeked Bee-eater        Merops persicus


Abyssinian Roller                      Coracias abyssinica

Eurasian Hoopoe                     Upupa epops

Red-billed Hornbill                   Tokus erythrorhynchus


African grey Hornbill                Tockus nasutus

Silvery-cheeked Hornbill          Bycanistes brevis


Abyssinian Ground-hornbill     Bucorvus abyssinicus


Ethiopian Swallow                    Hirundo aethiopica

African Pied Wagtail                 Motacilla aguimp

Common Bulbul                         Pycnonotus barbatus


Olive Thrush                              Turdus olivaceus


Abyssinian Slaty-flycatcher     Melaenornis chocolatinus


Arrow-marked Babbler            Turdoides jardineii


Grey-backed Fiscal                   Lanius excubitoroides

Fork-tailed Drongo                   Dicrurus adsimilis


Thick-billed Raven                        Corvus crassirostris

Greater Blue-eared Starling    Lamprotornis chalybaeus


Grey-headed Sparrow            Passer grieus


White-browed Sparrow-weaver  Plocepasser mahali


White-headed Buffalo-weaver   Dinemellia dinemelli


Vitelline Masked Weaver          Ploceus velatus


Baglafecht Weaver                   Ploceus baglafecht


Black-necked Weaver              Ploceus nigricollis


Red-headed Weaver                 Anaplectes rubriceps

Northern Red Bishop                 Euplectes franciscanus

Abyssinian Waxbill (Fawn-breasted Waxbill Estrilda ochrogaster

Pin-tailed Whydah                      Vidua macroura


70 Identified birds seen but only 51 photographed

Other Animals

Young Monitor Lizard




Colobus Monkey


African Nile Crocodile







Leopard Tortoise





















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