Below is a table showing journeys I made with my wife Maureen before she died in 2004.  Where the journey has a collection of photos it is shown as an underlined link.


 USA   After Maureen had attended a conference in Los Angeles we visited Las        Vegas where we took a flight to visit Bryce, Zion and Grand Canyons.            We also visited Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks.
 Canada   From Edmonton we drove to Vancouver stopping at Jasper, the Ice                Highway,  Lake Louise and a horse riding Ranch.
 Mexico   A tour of Mexico 
 Indian Ocean   A cruise starting near Mombassa where we went on a Safari. Cruising we      visited the Comoros Islands, Madagascar, La Reunion, Seychelles and              Mauitius.
 South Africa   A Ramblers holiday visiting the Karoo, Drakensberg Mountains and the          Garden Route.  
 Kenya and  Tanzania   Safari including the Ngorogoro Crater.
 New Zealand   We hired a camper van and travelled in both the North and South Islands.
 Bhutan, Northern  India Nepal and  Tibet   A small group journey by minibus and by air.
 Spain   A camping trip to Tarragona in the north of Spain with Sara.
 Spain   Two summer holidays in the Canary Islands.
 Spain   Three visits to the Balearic Islands.
 Morocco   A cultural visit including Marrakesh and Fez.
 Morocco   A short break at the coast and Marrakesh.
 Spain and  Gibraltar   Seville, Granada and Cordoba.
 France   Camping with Sara.
 France   From Avignon to Paris.
 France   A culture trip to Paris.
 France   Bretagne.
 France, Italy   Cruise to south France, Pisa, Florence and Rome.
 France to  Yugoslavia   A Camping trip to France, Switzerland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Austria, Germany        and Belgium.
 Belgium   A visit to Bruges.
 Holland   Visiting Amsterdam and Alkmaar.
 Holland   A cruise visiting mainly Art Galleries.
 Germany   A school camping trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
 Italy   Sorento with visits to Pompeii and Herculaneum.
 Italy   Cortina and Venice.
 Italy   Sicily.
 Italy, Greece,  Macedonia and  Yugoslavia   A coach journey from Venice to Athens and back via Zagreb.
 Greece   Christmas at Agios Nikolaus, Crete.
 Greece   Tinos Island. 
 Greece   Two visits to Cephalonia.
 Greece   Two visits to the Pelion Peninsula.
 Greece   Several September visits.
 Greece   Crete touring.
 Greece   Paleochora with Sara.
 Greece   The Pelopenese peninsular.
 Greece and  Turkey   Cruise visiting Istanbul, Ephesus and Greek Islands.
 Turkey   Several visits.
 Egypt   Down the Nile.
 Egypt   The Red Sea area.
 Egypt, Libya and  Tunisia   North African Coast Cruise.
 Tunisia   A winter break sightseeing.
 Jordan   A cultural visit.
 Norway, Sweden,  Finland, Russia,  Denmark   Cruise to the Baltic Capitals.
 Romania   School trip touring.
 Malta   Two school trips.
 Malta   Two visits with Sara.